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Exploring Best of Singapore

Exploring Best of Singapore


Exploring best of Singapore is definitely you should not miss when traveling to Asia. Stayed at Four Seasons Singapore in the center of their business district. I was there in March which was about the right time when temperature was not sweltering hot for local standards. But for me, 90 degrees, was hot and humid but still bearable. Most of the buildings in Singapore are equipped with powerful AC systems.

Majority of the staff were either of Chinese, Indian, Thai, or Malay descent. Nice diversity when meeting everyone. Very polite and of course they would share their favorite places and what to eat. Everything seem to cost 75cents per US dollar. So you really get bang for your buck. As I mentioned earlier, it is best to take a taxi to anywhere. Due to no traffic, you will probably pay around $15 wherever you go.

As always when staying at a Four Seasons, your service will always be above and beyond. This property did not disappoint. When staying at a Four Seasons expect the guestroom bathrooms to be immaculate.

Singapore Botanic Garden

national orchid garden Singapore

Singapore Botanic Gardens is highly recommended when in Singapore. When visiting garden the information desk  will provide a map and the information while taking a stroll. I got there around 2pm in the afternoon but keep in mind it was still hot around this time. To my surprise it was not crowded which was great because I did not want to feel rushed. I could just stroll and take my time looking at different plants. Since I live in the US majority of the trees and plants I was not familiar with. But that was the fascination seeing for me weird looking but yet beautiful plants growing. 

The garden is very large so take you time and bring a book. There are lots of benches for you to sit and just relax and enjoy the view. I found my self at the Orchid House looking at amazing looking orchids. Next to the area there is a small snack shop where you can purchase drinks to cool you down and snacks.

 What I love about Singapore is their taxi service when time to leave. You will find a taxi dispatch area. Instead of flagging a cab to your location there will always be a button for you to press. The button, then will signal a taxi  to come and pick you up. Anywhere around Singapore central area just expect about $15-$20 fare to your destination. 

Universal Studios Singapore

resort world Sentosa, Singapore

While in Singapore, I was traveling with a 7 yr old so I decided to visit Universal Studio. I enjoyed my time at Universal because the lines were not that long compared to Universal Studio in the US. We visited  Water World to watch the show and they performed exactly while I visited Universal Studio Hollywood. Almost every attraction we visited lines were not long at all. 

Aventure at Singapore Sentosa Island

resort world Sentosa, Singapore

If you made it to Universal Studio then you made it to Sentosa Island. Here you will find man made beaches, adventure parks, golf courses, and resorts. Here is where you will find Singapore’s most iconic statue the Sentosa Merlion.Unfortunately, while visiting, there were talks about demolishing the statue to make way for new development. 

Take the cable car ride while there, you will see breath taking views of Sentosa Island and see the construction marvel in creating such destination. You will also see the busy Singapore port ranked the top maritime capital of the world and the second busiest port. Ships pass between the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean through the Singapore strait.

Spend A Day at Merlion Park

Singapore Merlion Park downtown Singapore business district

Whenever you see photos of Singapore you will see the Merlion statue. The statue represents Singapura or also known as “Lion City” in Malay.

Explore Gardens by the Bay

View of Garden by the bay at night - Singapore

Gardens by the bay holds around 1.5 million plants from all continents. The best time to enjoy this beauty is at night where the colors jumps out at you,

Visit Singapore Zoo

Singapore zoo

If you are traveling with kids. The best place to visit other than Universal Studio would be Singapore Zoo. Here you will find many exotic animals from African penguin to the Borneau Organgutan

Changi International Airport

jewel Singapore Changi Airport

Normally when you are an airport you are either jet lagged or just can’t wait to arrive at your destination. But at Changi International Airport if you flight is delayed, it won’t be a drag. As you enter the airport you will quickly find out why this is considered the best airport in the world. Aside from shopping at dining at airport you can also visit the Butterfly garden  or Arrival Garden.

Singapore Chinatown

Chinatown and business center of Singapore

This would be a delight for visitors looking for souvenir to take back home. You will find that Singapore has a rich Chinese history. Known for the colourful heritage buildings. If you love Chinese food, here is where you need to try traditional Chinese cuisine. 

Singapore Flyer

Singapore skyline

If you want the best views of Singapore. Take the Singapore Flyer. You will soon realize how important the port and shipping is important to the country. You will find so many ships docking to Singapore from riding the Singapore Flyer up above. Make sure to bring your phone with you to capture beautiful pictures.

Marina Bay Sands

Singapore - September 7

The Marina Bay Sands is known for its architecture and building whenever you see photos of Singapore or film of Singapore in movies there is good chance you see the resort in the background. Bring some cash with you when visiting this resort because it has own casino block.


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