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Ultimate Bucket List Maui Hawaii – 58 Best Things to Do in Maui Hawaii

Maui Hawaii is certainly a dream destination. With beautiful beaches and valleys as well as all year round mild tropical weather, the Garden Isle has so much to offer for a memorable vacation. 

Here is a list of  Best Things to do in Maui Hawaii.

Ultimate Bucket List: Best Things To Do in Maui Hawaii

1 . Iao Valley

Iao valley maui Hawaii

When you are in old Wailuku town when visiting Maui. A quick drive into the valley that will take you to Iao Valley. With just a quick 15 minute drive you will see a significant change from shops and restaurants  into the landscape and majestic views of the mountain and spring water coming through the valley.

2. Drive the Road to Hana

road t hana maui hawaii

Drive to Hana and make sure you get your cup of coffee. You need to be alert when taking this drive. There is going to be a lot of twist and turns while making this drive. Some road changing from two lanes to one lane roads so be careful when taking this adventure. But it is worth it because you will see magnificent views of the ocean and foliage.

3. Hike and Swim Twin Falls

twin falls maui hawaii

While driving to Hana make sure you make a quick detour to Twin Falls. Bring your bathing suit and take a dip in the natural rain water gushing through the rainfall. It is going to be a short hike taking you two the falls.

4. Haleakala Sunrise


Wake up early morning before sunrise and take a drive up to Haleakala. Here you will see the beauty of the island and feel the spirit of the universe. You will feel the power of the creator of the universe. 

5. Maui Shave Ice

Sweet Homemade Shaved Rainbow Hawaiian Ice

When in Maui, you have to try their local snack. Try Maui shave ice which you will find at numerous stops along your drive around town.

6. Enjoy Kaanapali Sunset

best things to do in Maui hawaiiKaanapali beach maui

If you are staying at one of the Kaanapali resorts you won’t have to drive far. Just step out onto your balcony or walk towards Makai (Ocean). You will see magnificent coastline of White sand. Grab a towel and sunscreen and claim your spot on the beach. 

7. Dine in MonkeyPod Restaurant

monkeypod restaurant maui

While soaking up the sun at Kaanapali Beach, make sure to visit one of the most popular restaurants in Hawaii. Visit Monkey Pod Restaurant located at the Shops at Kaanapali. Make sure to make reservations. Even during COVID, this restaurant is still busy and bringing lots of visitors to taste their flavors.

8. Old Lahaina Lua Show

old lahaina luau show

Located in Royal Lahaina Resort, this is one of the oldest Luau on the island.  An authentic Luau experience with Hawaiian food and lovely Hula Dancers. Make sure to bring your phone out to take a photo with the dancers and capture the Fire Dance. 

9. Have a Round of Golf at Kapalua or Kaanapali or Wailea

kaanapali golf course

Kaanapali is no short of Golf courses. Where ever you go or drive in Kaanapali you will see a golf course. Bring your game and enjoy the outdoors. 

10. Sunset Sail

best things to do in maui Hawaii

Visit your concierge desk or go to Lahaina Harbor to go on one of the best sunset sails in the world. Here you will see the beauty of the sunset with a sip of wine.

11. Learn to Surf

surfers maui hawaii

If you are an adventurous type and would like to learn something new. Go on a surf lesson. On Maui there are lots of surf spots where you can easily learn. The waves are calm and not intimidating if you are first time surfer.

12. Get Adventurous by Parasailing

parasailing maui hawaii

If surfing is not for you or you want more action. Parasail leaving Lahaina Harbor is the way to go. You will have a great adrenaline rush but find peace and calm up above overlooking the island of Lana’i and West Maui. 

13. Take a Zipline

If your are done getting wet and want some adventure inland. Then go for a zipline adventure through picturesque landscape and enjoy panoramic views. 

14. Relax and Swim at Kaanapali Beach

kaanapali beach maui hawaii

Make sure to spend a day or two just relaxing at the beach. Kaanapali beach coastline is full of White sand and you can easily find your favorite spot to just lay on the sand and soak up the Hawaiian Sun. 

15. Visit Kapalua Bay and Enjoy the Sunset

Kapalua bay sunset maui

Kapalua has one the best sunsets too. Go to Kapalua Bay where it is less crowded but with great sunsets. 

16. Stay in a Luxury Resort at Kaanapali or Kapalua

Kaanapali maui luxury resort

Looking for luxury, then go to Kapalua. Here you will find luxury properties to visit. Feel the privacy and experience luxury while staying at one of the Kapalua resorts. 

17. Watch Cliff Divers on Black Rock

cliff diving black rock maui

When visiting Kaanapali Beach, go to Black Rock and watch the locals dive into the ocean from the cliffs. 

18. Watch a Hula Show

Hula halau dancers at a cultural ceremony

When visiting Whalers Village make sure to watch one of their scheduled Hula shows for free. 

19. Learn How to Play Ukulele

Woman at sunset holding a ukulele

Learn to play ukulele from one of the experts on Maui. They will give you a crash course on how to play the ukulele while visiting Maui.

20. Visit Historic Lahaina Town

historic lahaina maui

Visit old Lahaina Town which was once an old Whaling Town. Here you will still see the old architect and shops when Whale hunting was very popular. 

21. Shop at Lahaina Front Street

lahaina shops

When visiting Old Lahaina take a walk on front street. You will find lots of shops when comes to Art Gallery, Jewelry, clothing, and ice cream shop. Looking for Maui Shave Ice too? Lahaina Front Street also have some for you. 

22. Dine at Lahaina Oceanfront Restaurants

lahaina oceanfront restaurant maui

Ocean front dining on Lahaina Front Street is abundant. Walk the street and choose any restaurant with magnificent views of Lana’i and Molokai. You will find your favorites from Cheeseburger to Fresh Catch of the Day.

23. Take a Ferry and Spend a Day at the Island of Lana'i

island of lanai hawaii

There is a ferry ride to the island of Lana’i. With only 3,000 population on this little island, you can only imagine visiting a private beach all to yourself. 

24. Wander Around Lahaina Banyan Tree

pictures of Lahaina Banyan Tree Maui Hawaii

While in Front Street, take a walk and go under the large Banyan tree. You will find an old tree to cool down. This tree was imported from  India and planted in late 1800s. 

25. Whalers Village Island Vintage Coffee

whalers village maui hawaii

If you are staying at Kaanapali in Lahaina go to Whalers Village and start your day there. Go to Island Vintage Coffee to start your day right. Once you get your start, the day on the beach is where you kind enjoy. You have all the amenities that you need while spending at the beach at Whalers Village.

26. Snorkel at Molikini

green sea turtle swimming in ocean sea

If you are more of the adventurous type and love to get wet. Snorkel and molokini where you will take a short boat ride to one of the best snorkeling spot on Maui. Snorkel around a small island just off Wailea, Maui between Kahoolawe.

27. Snuba

Rather than snorkeling you can also scuba around Molokini instead. A cross between snorkeling and scuba where you can spend your whole time underwater to enjoy the sea life. The Pride of Maui offers scuba activities departing Lahaina Harbor going to Molokini. You can dive down to 15 feet and get closer to sea life and coral.

28. Atlantis Submarine

atlantis submarine maui hawaii

An easier way however to enjoy the sea life and without getting wet is enjoy the adventure of Atlantis Submarine. 

29. Visit Makena Beach

Makena Beach, in Maui, Hawaii

When staying at Wailea go to Makena beach where you will find most of the locals. White Sand beach where you can see crashing waves and locals boogie boarding or body surfing at the shoreline.

30. Maui Black Sand Beach

Black sand beach

Another must see beach in Maui is the Waianapanapa State Park, a stunning black sand beach just 3 miles from Hana town.  It is also called Honokalahi Beach with a great lush tropical  coastal trail and also a lava tube with the ocean as your backdrop.

31. Nakalele Blowhole

things to do in Napili maui

Another best things to do in Maui Hawaii is to experience Nakalele blowhole. A wonderful place to hike, walk around and enjoy the scenery and witness a show of spouting water in the air. 

32. Maui Brewing Tour

Beer in a Glass

Go on a beer tour by visiting popular brewing companies on  Maui. The main attraction will be Maui Brewing Company which is Hawaii largest craft brewery operating on the islands. 

33. Visit Kula Country Farms

Fresh Strawberries

Kula Country Farm is popular for its fall pumpkin patch and pick your own fresh strawberries.  There is also a little store stand where you can purchase jams . They also have fresh local produce.

This is a great quick stop when you are exploring upcountry Maui nearby Lavender Farm with great ocean and mountain views. 

34. Explore the Town of Paia, Makawao, Haiku

paia maui hawaii

Go into Paia town take a look old charm of Maui and visit boutique shops that you can bring home for friends, family, and of course for yourself.

35. Shop and Dine at Whalers Village

whalers village maui

Spend an evening at Whalers Village. First make dinner reservations at one of their restaurants. Then walk around take a look at the trendy shops. There is also an Escape Room if you want to do something with friends and family where you can solve murder mystery case.

36. Have a Cup of Maui Grown Coffee

Cup of coffee full of coffee beans

While in Maui make sure to sip bring home coffee to take home. You can find Maui coffee beans at most coffee shops. Or you can either go to Maui Roasters or Maui Oma coffee.

37. Pamper Yourself with a Lomi Lomi Massage

Massage therapist pouring essential oil for massage at spa.

Make sure you take time for yourself. Treat your self for a massage. If you want to try an authentic massage from the islands. Ask for lomi lomi massage where it mimics the waves of the ocean. Long strokes that makes your body feel good.

38. Rejuvenate and Relax at a Luxury Spa


Go to a luxury spa and pamper yourself. I recommend going to Grand Wailea Spa while staying in Wailea or go to Montage Kapalua when staying in Kaanapali or Kapalua.

39. Stay at a Luxury Resort in Wailea

things to do in Wailea maui

There are many luxury resorts on Maui but I would recommend you stay at the Four Seasons Wailea. Here they will make you feel like a King or Queen.

40. Try Poke

hawaiian poke

When visiting Hawaii you also need to try their food. A big part of visiting Hawaii is not only embracing the Aloha spirit but also the food. Poke has become popular everywhere especially on the West Coast. But you haven’t tasted poke unless you try Hawaiian poke where it comes from. 

41. Eat some Loco Moco

top best hawii local foods you must try

Try something that the locals love. They surely love their loco loco. Hamburger patties topped with fried eggs with gravy all over. This is truly a local classic and be sure to find a hammock somewhere once you are done with the plate. This will knock you out.

42. Paddle Board

stand up paddle board

If you are an experience stand up paddle boarder. One of the best places to paddle board is also  on Maui. Here you will find some spots where the waves are calm and you can easily paddle and get your exercise and enjoy the view along the way.

43. Sunset Dinner Cruise

Visit your resort activity desk and schedule a sunset cruise. Sip on a glass of wine and enjoy the sunset while your cruise and see the islands of Lana’i, Kahoolawe, and Molokai at your fore ground.

44. Swim with Sea Turtles

A turtle relaxing on the beach at sunset in Hawaii

There are sea turtles all over Hawaii. Watch them lay on the sand. However, be careful, turtles in Hawaii are endangered so it is illegal to touch or come near turtles.

45. Go Whale Watching

things to do in Kaanapali Maui

If you are visiting Maui between November and February, this is a great time to see humpback whales when they migrate to the Hawaiian islands.

46. 7 sacred Pools of Oheo Gulch

When taking the road to Hana take a pit stop and visit the 7 sacred Pools a.k.a. Pools of Oheo or Oheo Gulch  along your way.  With majestic surrounding scenery and calming sound of the waterfalls, it is one of the best swimmable freshwater pools in Maui.  


47. Honolua Lookout

48. Try hawaiian Cuisine Kalua Pig with Poi

When going to a luau or going into a local restaurants. Try Hawaiian authentic food by tasting Kalua pig and poi. Kalua pig is roasted pig cooked in an earth oven for several hours Poi is taro pounded until it reaches paste texture. 

49. Waihee Ridge Trail

50. Bike Haleakala

Aerial view of Mt Haleakalā or as I viewed it Mars.

One of the adventures activity is taking a bike tour from the top of Haleakala and ride the bike down.

51. Waikani Falls (3 Bears)

52. Garden of Eden

53. Bamboo Forest

bamboo forest Maui Hawaii

54. Visit Lavender Farm

Purple lavender farm

55. Learn How to Dance Hula

hula dance

Take a hula lesson and learn how to dance Hula. You can find hula classes at your hotel just by visiting your concierge desk.

56. Take a Scenic Drive along Maui's Coast

coastal scenic drive maui hawaii

Whether your are staying in Kaanapali or Wailea. Take a drive of the coast by visiting the other side of the island. Go to Kaanapali when staying at Wailea or do the opposite if staying in Kaanapali.

57. Try Sweet Locally Grown Pineapple

maui pineapple

Try pineapple when visiting Hawaii. Pineapples used to be grown and exported from Hawaii to the world to taste. But today, most pineapples are grown for local consumption.

58. Beachfront Running/Jogging Trail in Wailea

Wailea beachfront walking running trail

Wake up early morning and take a jog on jog or walking path. In Hawaii, no use for treadmills when running outside is more ideal.

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