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Jewel Singapore Changi Airport Review : Best in the World for a Reason

Review: Jewel Singapore Changi Airport

Jewel Singapore Changi Airport has been voted best airport in the world.  Arrived in style at Singapore Changi Airport to Four Seasons Singapore and paid about US $40 to the Hotel. What surprised me compared to any Asian countries was the amount of traffic. None! For local residents to actually buy their own vehicle would be about $100k and not only that you would have to renew it after several years. 

So while commuting in Singapore it is best to just get a taxi. But because we had lots of luggage and we expected to be tired from a long flight, we decided to hire a private charter instead. Still relatively inexpensive when comparing to US. The best part about hiring a private charter is that the drivers are usually knowledgeable as well. Instead of seeing your hotel concierge, the drivers are also knowledgeable. 

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Riding around seem to notice not much traffic. You would think for a country this size and being financial district, you would see a lot of people. This is what makes Singapore very unique and special.

I asked our driver why don’t I see lots of people around in public. He mentioned that because of the heat most people tend to stay indoors. Or they either go out at night.

 One thing that he mentioned that stuck on me was that walking out at night in public is very safe. His daughter would come home late a night by herself and he had no worries. 

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When on a vacation the hardest part is traveling. Especially when flying from the US where you need to fly over the  Pacific Ocean and it can take up to 9 to 12 hours plane ride. Changi airport makes it easy for all travelers.

 I can see why it has been voted top rated airport in the world. Upon arrival, the convenience especially going through customs and picking up your bags is relatively easy. Not only it is easy to find your way but also there are information desks throughout to assist you. 

jewel singapore Changi airport
jewel Singapore Changi Airport

I only had to wait about 15 minutes for our bag upon arrival. Customs was relatively easy no line as there were many officers to check us through.

 While there, we were greeted by the airport greeter for Four Seasons hotel and was directed to our vehicle. The traveling part was relatively easy as I just wanted to check in and explore Singapore. 

My impression at first when arriving and riding through Singapore was how neatly manicured all the trees and hedges were. It looked exactly what you saw in in the movie “Crazy Rich Asian.” No traffic and beautiful flowers and trees surrounding you everywhere. 

 Singapore Changi Airport Best in the World  for a reason because, aside that it features butterfly and orchid  garden and rooftop pool, with waterfall and  rainforest in a  glass complex , the staff are friendly and give you amazing service.


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