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Must Try Best Singapore Laksa Noodles ( Food Review 2022 )

Singapore Laksa Noodles (What to Expect)

You must try laksa noodles at least once while in Singapore.   Singapore laksa noodles gets it spicy noodle soup recipe from Malaysia. 

Laksa is a popular dish in Singapore influenced from Chinese and Malay cuisine. I tried the laksa noodles from one of the food booths it was inexpensive about $3 and I really liked it. Singapore is right next to Malaysia so lots of Malaysian cuisine can also be found in Singapore. Most of the laksa noodles comes with curry soup. 

The noodles were made from rice and it usually comes with your choice of either shrimp or chicken. It was a little spicy with the curry but it was perfect. 

Especially with the humidity when in Southeast Asia, where you would sweat a lot, it is good to have carbs in your diet. The noodles kept me energized throughout my day.


Laksa Johor, popular Malay noodle with ulam and sambal belacan

The fish paste sauce on the side was available for added flavor but I really did not need it. If you are not used to eating curry I would recommend having it mild without added flavor.

 The food is still very tasty.  Of course, I had to have my Starbucks coffee as well where you will find them throughout Southeast Asia for half the price here in the US. Stay tuned in for my favorite Starbucks Coffee spot in one of my future posts with spectacular views. 

Again, when in Singapore you must try unique cuisine and explore what the diverse culture has to offer. 

Laksa noodles is one those dishes you must try. It is a flavor that best represents Southeast Asia. 

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