national orchid garden Singapore

Amazing Botanic Garden in Singapore is a UNESCO Heritage 2021

The historic botanic garden in Singapore is truly an amazing place to visit. Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of the world’s UNESCO Heritage site which features picturesque attractions that showcases the largest collection of different species of orchids.  

A beautiful heritage garden that is well maintained and fabulously manicured.  It was established by the Agri-Horticultural society in 1859 and also leads horticultural research.

botanic garden in Singapore
national orchid garden Singapore

Explore the Botanic Garden in Singapore

The highlight of the garden is the National Orchid Garden which features the largest and most beautiful display of different species of orchids.  With more than 60,000 plants and orchids, it is a treasure trove for plant lovers like I do.  It has an orchid breeding program where they produce exotic hybrid orchids as well as conservation of  heirloom orchids.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is also a favorite place for joggers, dining or simply enjoying the relaxing ambiance.  Restaurants and cafe is also available as well as a small shop if you just want to rest after a day out in the sun.  Wear comfortable shoes and clothing and drink a lot of water for hydration since Singapore tends to have hot weather .

national orchid garden Singapore
national orchid garden Singapore

The Ginger Garden area offers different varieties of flowering gingers. The garden also have a good collection of fragrant plumeria trees as well as various types of cactus and succulents. Take your moment to explore and take in the relaxing ambiance as there is so much to see.  You can head into the Swan Lake home to numerous species of fishes and aquatic plants and is  wonderful for visitors to rest and enjoy the view.

Admire the beautiful scenery of Palm Valley, the lush and tropical scenic part of the garden where it boast many species of palms.  The pristine greenery soothe your mind and spirit.

national orchid garden Singapore

Another notable area in the garden that you should not missed is the Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Museum.  A very well conserved colonial building which features exhibits of the garden’s rich history. It was once an unused plantation,  and is now a spectacular attraction of Singapore with breathtaking colors. 

botanic garden in singapore
national orchid garden Singapore
national orchid garden
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