8 Most beautiful exotic flowers of hawaii

8 Most Beautiful Exotic Hawaiian Flowers

Hawaii is surrounded by spectacular colors of nature and here I will list 8 of the most beautiful  Hawaiian exotic flowers.  You are most likely welcomed with fragrant plumeria leis and vibrant orchid flower leis when visiting the islands of Aloha. 

Aside from beautiful weather,  fine sandy beaches, and welcoming and friendly locals,  Hawaii also has exquisite flowers and ornamental plants. 

Below are the list of the most beautiful exotic Hawaiian Tropical Flowers Name

1. Blue Ginger Flower

Blue Ginger, hawaiian tropical flowers

 Blue Ginger is a tropical flowering plant that you would not commonly see when visiting Hawaii.  It has a striking vibrant blue with a little hint of purple that is just plainly enigmatic. 

It is in the same family of wandering jews and spiderwort and is not really ginger. This beauty loves shade and is perfect to brighten and add some color to the shady area of the garden.

2. Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise, exotic flowers of Hawaii

Bird of Paradise is an exotic, bright, and showy tropical flower that looks like a tropical bird. It is also a wonderful houseplant since it thrives in the shade and the leaves add a stunning display of tropical flare.  

Bird of paradise is quintessential among the Hawaiian flowers and has long-lasting bloom which is also a fantastic cut flower.

3. Hanging Lobster Claw Heliconia

hanging lobster claw heliconia, hawaiian tropical flowers

Hanging Lobster Claw Heliconias are profoundly beautiful flowers and are the essence of the Hawaii flowers. It has pendulous blooms with vibrant red and yellow tracts that gracefully hang from the stem.

 It is a  tubular plant with evergreen glossy foliage that instantly add a touch of tropics. Planning to travel to Hawaii? I recommend reading good books about Hawaii with insider guides and expert tips.

4. Torch Ginger

torch ginger flower, exotic flowers of Hawaii

Image by lungty from Pixabay

Torch Ginger has a spectacular showy bloom that looks like a torch. It is a perennial herbaceous plant which also offers some medicinal properties.  

The crowning elegance among the exotic flowers, torch ginger has robust and inflorescence bloom. 

5. Dragonfruit Flowers

dragon fruit flower, exotic flowers of Hawaii

Dragonfruit is a member of the cactus family. It is one of the most magical flowers you can ever experience when it blooms once at night time and will forever close in the daytime.  

The fruit is refreshing, highly nutritious, and has a light sweet taste that is delectable to the palette.

6. Protea

protea flower, exotic flowers of hawaii

One of the world’s most exotic flowers, protea comes in different varieties. It is also excellent as cut flowers perfect for a showy tropical floral arrangement. 

The bloom has unique layers of feathery petals with soft and velvety shades of pink, white, and red.

7. Ohia Lehua Flowers

Lehua Ohia flowers, exotic flowers of Hawaii

Lehua flowers from the Ohia tree are native to Hawaii. Its modest, delicate, and exquisite flowers attract bees and butterflies. The pom-pom-like blossom is splendid which adds to its mystical beauty.

8. Urn Plant (Pink Bromeliad)

urn plant, Aechmea flower

Bromeliad comes in a wide array of varieties, however, this pink bromeliad otherwise known as urn plant or Aechmea fasciata is strikingly beautiful. 

It has long-lasting pink bracts torch-like bloom and is also wonderful as a houseplant. 

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