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20 Amazing Sea Salt Scrub Benefits for Skin

Is Sea Salt Scrub Good For Your Skin?

Whether you are using Himalayan or Dead Sea salt, let’s learn amazing sea salt scrubs benefits for the skin. Sea salt is the byproduct of evaporated saltwater. It is composed of sodium chloride which plays an important role in maintaining and balancing fluid in your body. 

Sea salts have countless uses including culinary seasoning, used to preserve food, made for body scrubs, used in beverages, body baths, and other products. So what does sea salt scrub do to your skin?

As part of taking care of your body for optimum health and well-being, skin care plays a vital role in one’s lifestyle.  Whether you visit the spa for a luxurious body scrub or do it on your own,  a sea salt body scrub is a fabulous way to gently exfoliate your skin. 

Below is a list of the benefits of sea salt scrub for your skin as well as your well-being.

Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub Benefits for Skin (Dead Sea Salt Scrub Benefits with Lavender or Coconut Oil)

sea salt scrub benefits for skin

What Are The Benefits of Sea Salt Scrub for Skin ?

Below is a list of the amazing sea salt scrub benefits for skin.

  1. Help replenish essential minerals in your body. Sea salt is loaded with minerals including sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.
  2. Sea salt has anti-inflammatory properties and when combine with honey it is very soothing on the skin.
  3. Helps fade dark spots and blemishes on the skin, and also diminishes scars.
  4. Gentle exfoliation using sea salt draws out impurities.
  5. Removes hard particles and deeply cleanses our skin pores.
  6. Sea salt scrub benefits for skin brightens your skin and gives us radiant and glowy skin.
  7. It is wonderful for skin regeneration by sloughing off dead skin cells and allowing new skin cells to surface on the outer layer of the skin.
  8. Sea salt helps soothe sore muscles.
  9. It is also a powerful agent to soothe skin disorders.
  10. Exfoliating the skin with sea salt preserves youthful beauty.  ( An excellent amazing benefit of sea salt  scrub for skin ) .
  11. A natural skin cleanser helps ward off bacteria and fungus.
  12. Another Sea salt scrub benefit for the skin is invigorating.
  13. Has natural relaxing properties which help the body to relax.
  14. Helps balance oil production.
  15. Exfoliation helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
  16.  Sea salt scrub benefits the skin and also helps reduce cellulite and signs of aging, thus providing a healthy and younger-looking appearance.
  17. Gentle and relaxing scrub encourages blood flow.
  18. Helps fight off acne.
  19. Sea salt scrub benefits for skin and help boost maintaining hydration. 
  20. Sea salt scrub benefits for skin is a  good aid in detoxification leaving you a natural healthy glowy new skin cells.

Easy DIY Homemade Sea Salt Scrub Recipe


     1 cup of sea salt (Himalayan sea salt or Dead Sea salt )

      1/2 a cup of coconut oil or olive oil

      1 – 3  drops of essential oil of your choice (I prefer lavender for relaxation) 

      2 tablespoons of honey


Mix all ingredients in a clean bowl or container. Feel free to add additional measurements of the ingredients to get the consistency you would prefer. And, voila, you have made an inexpensive and fantastic sea salt scrub.  Begin laddering and gently exfoliate your skin and immerse in the wonderful benefits of sea salt scrub. Shower to rinse it off.

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