Livingston Montana

Best Things to Do in Livingston Montana 2021

Livingston, Montana is another great road trip destination with amazing expansive views.  Popular for its blue ribbon fly fishing on the Yellowstone River, this charming and artistic town is also a gateway to Yellowstone National Park, only about an hour away to reach the entrance to the park. 

You can travel by road or by plane.  The closest airport is Bozeman, Montana a thirty minute scenic drive to Livingston. At no particular order, let’ s explore what are the best things to do in Livingston Montana.

things to do in Livingston Montana

Livingston, Montana is nestled  between the majestic  terrains of Crazy Mountain and Absaroka Mountain ranges.  If you visit its historic downtown, it still have the feeing of the old west ambiance with breathtaking snowcapped mountain views. A rustic peaceful town with friendly locals, it also offers great restaurants to choose from and full of art galleries, which makes it a  wonderful place to visit and experience  with family.   

1. Explore Livingston Montana Downtown

Livingston Montana

Start with exploring downtown Livingston and experience old western architecture and historic buildings.  More than a scenic adventure, its also home to talented artists, writers, and ranchers, The town offers artisan boutique shops and art galleries. There are also plenty great eateries to choose from.  The surrounding mountain peaks are beautiful and is such a refreshing sight.  


Livingston Montana

2. Visit Livingston Museum

things to do in Livingston Montana

Livingston Montana was a former railroad town.  By visiting the museum , you will learn about its rich history. The museum showcases well preserved memorabilia used on the railroad era.  

Livingston Montana museum

3. Have Ice Cream and Sandwich at Pickle Barrel

things to do in Livingston Montana

After a great adventure of downtown Livingston, you can get a light refreshments or  lunch at Pickle Barrel. They offer generous proportioned sandwiches using fresh ingredients and their ice cream is so delicious and have different flavors to choose from.

4. Bicycle Ride to Sacagawea Park

Livingston Montana

Have a relaxing picnic , enjoy a bicycle ride, or jogging at the trail of Sacagawea Park with  majestic view of Livingston mountain ranges.  Learn about history  and you will find a great stone marking the Lewis and Clark historic trail.  The ambiance of the park is serene and sound of the water from the stream combined with amazing views is so  relaxing.

Sacagawea park Livingston Montana

6. Enjoy Local Cuisine

Livingston Montana

Another best things to do in Livingston Montana is to enjoy its regional cuisine . Livingston’s quaint charming town also provides awesome delicacies and restaurants.  Among its best restaurants are Pinky’s Cafe, Rib Chop Steakhouse House along the railroad, Gil’s Goods freshly bake pizzas  and Stockman’s Bar.

7. Go Fishing at the Famous Yellowstone River

yellowstone river

Livingston Montana is located on the banks of Yellowstone River.  During the summertime,  its famous for its trout fishing. Have fun in the sun with unparalleled fly fishing under the Montana big sky, home of one of the finest “blue ribbon” fisheries.  

8. Experience Round Up Rodeo

Livingston roundup rodeo

A visit to Livingston is not complete without experiencing the yearly Cowboy Roundup Rodeo during  2nd to 4th of July.  A three day event where there is spectacular  firework show each night and lots of vendors set up along the street. 

9. Stay at Murray Hotel

Experience authentic western accommodation at historic Murray Hotel right at the heart of  Livingston Montana.  Enjoy  modern amenities, comfortable guest suites with  bar and restaurant that  surely will make your vacation memorable.


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