Phuket old town, thailand

Historic Districts of Old Town in Phuket Thailand 2021

As part of our cruise excursion, we visited the Old Town in Phuket Thailand,  charming and lively old town famous for its brightly colored century old Sino – Portuguese buildings. It is one of the main point of interest in Phuket which has rich history , easy and fun to explore.  You can easily spend about 3 hours strolling around the narrow and quaint street of Old Phuket Town , learning about the city’s rich culture.

phuket old town thailand

Best Things to Do of The Old Town in Phuket

Phuket Old Town Thailand is known for its architecture, well preserved  townshops, museum, cafes, restaurants, hotels and artisan products. It is a incredible Sino Portuguese historic districts blended with colonial colorful buildings to intricate Chinese architecture.  Take your time to leisurely walk through the heart of the town and capture photos that surely will take you back in time.

phuket old town
phuket old town thailand
phuket old town thailand

Visiting this hidden gem of Thailand is a perfect place if you love culture and heritage, and want to experience authentic local Thai products and cuisine. Its narrow alleys are filled with little fun things to do like visiting shrines, museums, temples and boutiques along with engaging friendly locals.  Here you will get a sense of fascinating Thai history and traditions.

Popular streets on this town includes Thalang Road where China Inn is located and Sunday Night Market is popular.  Also Soi Romanee Road, a picturesque boulevard  filled with beautiful shophouses.  If you like to visit museums, head to Krabi road  and explore Thai Hua Museum , a well preserved historical mansion once used as Chinese Language School.  Kanong Road is where Jui Tui Shrine and Phuket Town Central market is located.  Also interesting alleys are Dibuk, Pang Nga , Ratsada and Yaowarat Rd with charming cafes, art galleries, hotels and tailor shops.

phuket old town
phuket city

Old Phuket Town , Thailand has one of the oldest street in Phuket. The metal commodity was once an extremely valuable trade and was known for its  tin mining industry.  These century old buildings is well preserved and converted to lively shops and cafes for tourists and locals to enjoy.  My daughter had a wonderful time and purchased  some sweets and little trinkets to take it home with us. 

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