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Awesome Pictures of Lahaina Banyan Tree Maui Hawaii 2021

The Lahaina Banyan Tree in Maui Hawaii is truly majestic and magical. The tree is special in such a way that has historical value . 

It is imported from India and planted in front of Lahaina’s Courthouse adjacent to Lahaina Harbor. The tree covers an area of 200 feet , it was 8 feet back then when it was planted and now has 16 major trunks.

 It sprawls along Lahaina Front Street Maui Hawaii and its more than 60 feet high with two thirds of an acre under shadow of sweeping branches. 


Where is the Banyan Tree in Lahaina ?

When visiting Maui, Hawaii, Lahaina Banyan Tree Park is a must see and experience.  Located at historic Lahaina Front Street Banyan Tree Courthouse Square ,  just next to the historic courthouse , Lahaina Harbor and lighthouse. 

There is plenty to explore aside from the banyan tree. Also, if you love shopping or  dine in a restaurants with majestic ocean views , Lahaina Maui Hawaii  have plenty to offer.

How Old is the Banyan Tree in Lahaina Maui?

The Lahaina Banyan Tree in Maui Hawaii was planted in April 24, 1873 and is now over a 150 years old.

This famous tree in Lahaina Maui is one of the oldest and largest in Hawaii.


Who Planted the Banyan Tree in Lahaina?

The Lahaina Banyan Tree was planted by Sheriff William Owen Smith to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first Protestant mission in Maui, Hawaii.

Lahaina Banyan Tree Maui
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Maui ,Hawaii is the perfect place to unwind. The banyan tree in Maui  serves as Lahaina’s landmark where you can cool down on the shade. It looks like a dozen tree is planted, but it just one single tree.

 This giant banyan tree in Lahaina Maui has several benches where you can relax and enjoy the scenery with sweeping oceanfront view.  Oftentimes, arts and crafts exhibits takes place here. Its mystical beauty continues to draw visitors. 

When visiting at night there is something magical about it being all lit up with lights just gives a cozy ambiance. The  Lahaina Banyan Tree Park has been a place of gatherings and celebrations. 

The Lahaina Banyan Tree in Maui Hawaii is not only the largest in Hawaii but is also the  largest  in the United States.  It is a sacred tree in both India and Pakistan. 

Banyan actually means “banias” which means Indian traders who rested under the tree and also because its enormous canopy was used as shelter by the Hindu merchants to set up their goods.

 It has also medicinal properties and a venerated tree in Hinduism.  It symbolizes  immortality and longevity because its aireal roots that go down from its branches forms a trunk which eventually may envelop the host tree.

 The Banyan tree is a large  fig tree ( Ficus Benghalensis) and it is a strangler figs. Native to the India subcontinent and is the National Tree of India. 

It is an unusually shaped tree which is relative to mulberry family.  There  are more 750 species of fig tree and banyan tree is one of them.

 It is a good source of oxygen as well and begins its life as an epiphyte which means plant that grows on another plant.

 When visiting Maui, the Lahaina Banyan Tree is a must see. It was planted by William Owen Smith and home to hundreds  of  mynah birds. 

King Kamehameha III once celebrated his birthday under this  shady tree. It now shelters many events including arts and crafts, halloween contest, entertainment and gatherings. 

There is also an annual Lahaina Banyan Tree lighting each December where thousands of lights are strung on the branches. 

Here is a look  of images /  pictures of Lahaina Banyan Tree Maui Hawaii.

pictures of Lahaina Banyan Tree Maui Hawaii
lahaina banyan tree maui hawaii
pictures of Lahaina maui hawaii
lahaina banyan tree maui hawaii

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