gemstone chunky stretch bracelet

Easy DIY Chunky Stretch Bracelet Using Gemstones 2021

I have been fascinated with these beautiful diy chunky stretch bracelet and they are very easy to make perfect for gifting.  They are timeless and trendy perfect for everyday use and easy to match with any casual fashion.  Today, I will share you how I made this beautiful DIY chunky stretch bracelet with little time and materials needed. Also great for kids to make as well.

gemstone chunky stretch bracelet

Gemstones are the earths natural treasure.  It comes in various vibrant colors and distinctive beauty. Rare gemstone are highly valuable and is mainly used for jewelry.   I like to accessorize simple outfit with bracelets and necklaces using gemstones to complete the look.

Materials and Tools

12 mm gemstone beads ( I used smoky quarts gemstone and rose quarts)

rhinestone bead spacer in gold tone

stretch bracelet thread ( for bigger stones used thicker threads)


jewelry glue


gemstone chunky stretch bracelet

How To Make Chunky Gemstone Stretch Bracelet

  1.  Measure and cut using a scissor  about 10 inches of the stretch jewelry thread. For larger beads I used a thicker tread. If it is not available, you can double or triple a thinner thread to hold better the heavier beads.
  2. Start beading. I normally bead the gemstone first and then the bead spacer and continue until you reach the desired length.
gemstone chunky stretch bracelet

3.  Once reach the desired length, begin making a knot to close the bracelet.

4. Add  jewelry glue to the knot to have extra protection from breaking.


gemstone chunky stretch bracelet

5.  And at little of your time, you made a gorgeous chunky bracelet.  Trendy , stylish and timeless perfect for any occasion.

6.  Have your kids do this fun and easy project as well using different kinds of beads and they gonna love it.

gemstone chunky stretch bracelet
gemstone chunky stretch bracelet


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