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El Arco: The Arch in Cabo San Lucas, A Landmark You Must See 2021

Exploring The Arch in Cabo San Lucas

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An iconic landmark you must see in Cabo San Lucas is El Arco or locally known as The Arch or Land’s End . One of the most  sought after destinations in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico  where  spectacular geologic rock formation carved by wind, waves and time. 

The Arch in Cabo San Lucas is located at the  tip of Baja Peninsula where the  Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.  If you are looking for something fun in the sun, this place is a perfect adventure and will turn a family vacation filled with memories to cherish.

el arco, The Arch in Cabo San Lucas

Photo by Efrain Alonso from Pexels

El Arco : The Arch Cabo San Lucas A Must See and Experience

How to get to the Arch in Cabo San Lucas (El Arco)

Cabo San Lucas Marina offers a variety of tours and activities to choose from with reasonable price.  The Arch is only accessible by water and it takes about 30 minutes to get there.  The only way to get closer to the most iconic El Arco is by boat.  

Aside from admiring the group of  limestone formation from afar, it also boasts beautiful sandy beach where you can  have a dip on the water or enjoy the sight around and be mesmerized ,  when sea level permits.

Cabo San Lucas Harbour 

Adventurous travelers can opt for sunset sailing, snorkeling, kayaking , glass bottom boat ride and even parasailing.  Once reach the stunning beach, the sea of Cortez awaits you .

 It is a memorable experience to see sea lions bathing in the sun, and pelicans abound. 

Snorkeling is great to witness colorful tropical fish as well.  Some choose to go lover’s and divorce beach when water level permitting.

El Arco, Cabo San Lucas

Photo by Efrain Alonso from Pexels

Those who are looking for something relaxing things to do, a sunset evening cruise which includes drinks and dinner , sailboat cruise or a catamaran  is wonderful.  Simply enjoy breathtaking sunset and is also a perfect backdrop for selfies.

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