things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park

10 Best Things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado USA

Discover the best things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado USA, some fun things to do and best places to see around the area.

Rocky Mountain National Park is located in northern Colorado stretches the Continental Divide and surrounds secured mountains, forests, and alpine tundra. Its length is more than 400 square miles of astonishing mountain charm. It comprises the high elevation of Alpine Lakes, panoramic vistas, plentiful wildlife, and extensive forests.

It is one of the most popular and highest national parks in the US with miles of trails, soaring peaks, majestic scenery, and many outdoor activities.

Here are the best things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park:

Best Things To Do in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado USA

1. Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park

Trail Ridge Road – is one of the greatest engineering achievements in the whole national park system and is known as “the highway to the sky”. It reaches a mountaintop elevation of over 12,000 feet and the road is 48 miles long and 11 of them are above the tree line at over 11,500 feet high.

Trail Ridge Road is one of the best things to do in Rocky Mountain  National Park. It is also one of the most magnificent roads in the world and the road is a very unique, wide-ranging view of the Rocky Mountains and a chance that you will spot bighorn sheep, marmots, moose, and elk.

2. Beaver Meadows Visitor Center, Rocky Mountain National Park

Beaver Meadows Visitor Center – is open all year round and the park rangers are very helpful and knowledgeable.  They provide information about the trails to hike and the best tourist spots in the national park. This area of the park is also fun and best things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park.

It is located near the park’s main entrance along Highway 36 and most of the tourists or travelers are saying that the rangers are very friendly in which they gave them tips about how to get the most out of a Rocky Mountain National Park vacation.

You can avail an educational overview of the national park from the park rangers, available paraphernalia, and a park orientation film. You can also purchase or rent walking sticks or cleats.

3. Downtown Estes Park, Colorado USA

things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park

Downtown Estes Park – is the most famous destination for tourists or travelers with excellent hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, ranging inns, breweries tourist shops and countless lodging accommodations.

It is a great place to stay wherein many hotels to choose from like The Stanley Hotel, World Mark Estes Park and The Inn on Fall River, and Fall River Cabins. It has more than 300 shops that can melt your heart for those food lovers, and art enthusiasts and can do shopping escapade.

You will enjoy walking downtown for eating, shopping, or drinking and riding on a tramway for a magnificent view of the lovable architecture, surrounding mountains, and the Big Thompson River for a cheap price.

Do not miss to enjoy this place, its one of the best things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Bear Lake – it is the most popular hike and the central point in Rocky Mountain National Park that is wonderful to see the sunrise andante also easy to walk.

It is a 1- mile loop trail that visitors will enjoy the beauty especially when the aspens turn gold. The lake is surrounded by spruce, fir, pine trees, and giant granite boulders.

It is the epicenter in which you can access multiple trails for an outdoor experience and a perfect bonding for families and friends. It is very accessible and the trail features the stunning view of Flattop Mountain that you can stroll around the lake for .7 mile.

The distance from the parking area to the lake is a few hundred feet. You can also purchase an interpretive guide at the trailhead which teaches you about the Bear Lake area.

5. Moraine Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Moraine Park – is one of the most famous places and best things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park to see wildlife and you can see a group of elk that are biting in the valley.

There are also some hiking trails to start like Bear Lake, Fern Lake, and Mills Lake. You can also find a museum in the park that is filled with exhibits on the natural environment of the national park.

It features an outdoor amphitheater that hosts various events and talks that elevates 81,000 feet which provides an unbeatable perch from which to take in the surrounding views.

best things to do in Rocky Mountain Colorado

6. Alberta Falls, Rocky Mountain National Park

Alberta Falls – is one of the main attractions and the most popular waterfalls in Rocky Mountain National Park. With is a magnificent 30-foot or 1.7 miles round trip that takes 1 to 1.5 hours to reach the waterfall.

You have to go to Glacier Gorge Junction Trailhead parking area uphill to reach the falls but it is not too difficult because once you are already there at the falls, you are going to explore the short trails along Glacier Creek.

This falls is perfect for travelers or tourists with a hiking skill level that offers refreshing sight and magnificent water that is plunging down the creek.

It has big rocks, aspen groves, and mixed pine forest that surrounds the falls and is an ideal spot for a relaxing picnic and witnessing the stunning view of the falls with family or friends.

7. Old Fall River Road

Old Fall River Road – it is an unsurfaced road following the trail traveled by Indian hunters offering an affectionate experience with nature.

It gives a slow, less trade and picturesque drive up for an exceptional experience that is an 11-mile drive, one-way route climbs uphill from Horseshoe Park to Fall River Pass with many switchbacks, dirt, and gravel terrain that may come your way.

Driving the Old Fall River Road is more about the journey than the destination. Along the way, there are marmots, sheep, deer, and elk that you are going to see or pass by on the road.

8. Longs Peak, (Also best things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park )

Longs Peak – is the highest and most well-known of all the peaks in the Rocky Mountain that represents one of the most difficult things to do in the park. It is extremely very difficult with 15 miles at 14,259 feet above sea level and considered one of the most epic hikes and ends with some serious rock scrambling and lots of exposure.

It takes 7 to 12 hours to reach the peak and more than 60 people have died attempting to climb the summit. The hike itself is very tiring with 5,000 feet at high elevation in which you will be rewarded with spectacular panoramic views of wilderness and astonishing vistas if you reach the top.

Keyhole Route is the most popular path in going to the peak which is divided into six distinct sections. You will enjoy the trip and don’t feel broken if the conditions aren’t conducive and forcing your way to the peak can be dangerous and fatal.

9. Holzwarth Historic Site

Holzwarth Historic Site – is a preserved ranch that allows visitors to peer into the lives of homesteaders and become a historic site providing a special view of the lifestyle that was 100 years ago.

The site is easily reachable, presents a rough life and the former owner’s carving work is also on display. You have to visit the place because it is so unique, magnificent site and glance into the past of the old and simple lifestyle.

Some of the travelers who are already been there at the site are appreciating it because they feel like stepping back in time especially the old fencing and farm equipment on display at the entrance. 

An excellent place to see and things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park.  You can also see and enjoy the sightseeing of the various wildlife like moose, deer, antelope, and elk as they meander the area.

10. Forest Canyon Overlook

Forest Canyon Overlook – is one of the best overlooks located on the eastern edge of Forest Canyon along Trail Ridge Road with 11,716 feet high viewpoint and also the bird’s-eye view of Longs Peak, Stones Peak, Hayden Gorge, and Gorge Lakes.

You can also some of the peaks like Mount Ida, Terra Tomah Mountain, Mount Julian, and Sprague Mountain. The trail starts at the parking area on the western side about 6.2 miles from the Alpine Visitor Center and a 350-yard-long surface walkway making it easy for the children to go and take a look a the view of the forest canyon.

Wether you are looking for an adventure or just relax with the sweeping scenic surrounds, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado USA has so much more to offer.

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