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What to Know When Traveling to Hawaii During Pandemic

What to Know When Traveling to Hawaii

Hawaii , a tropical paradise destination welcomes millions of tourist every year.  Before visiting the State of Aloha,  at the time of this writing, here are what to expect and what to know when traveling to Hawaii during pandemic.

Get vaccinated if you are able to

Traveling to Hawaii is easier if you are vaccinated. There is no need to quarantine if you are vaccinated from approved vaccine specified by the State of Hawaii. This only applies to transpacific visitors, or visitors from the continental US.

Rental Car rates are sky high

Getting a rental car will be difficult as the amount of vehicles available is less post pandemic. Most of the vehicles during the pandemic were shipped out of the islands. Now with limited vehicles available you can get one for triple the rate for a day.


Hotel Room rates are sky high

Rental Car Rates are triple same goes for room rates. Budget friendly hotels are just as high as Branded hotel rates.


Stay at a luxury brand property if you can afford it

Four Seasons Maui

Four Seasons Resort Wailea

If you can afford to stay at a luxury resort. I recommend Four Seasons Wailea where I stayed at. Here you not only get pampered but also feel safe at the same time.

Guest rooms are completely sanitized

Rooms were sanitized daily in fact there was also an air filter in the room to make sure you feel safe.

Hand sanitizers and mask were available if needed. When in the lobby mask is required but once you are outside of the building feel free to take off your mask.

Air filter

Sanitize your remote or small personal belongings

If you want to sanitize the remote or any of your belonging you can simply sanitize it also by placing in a small box.


Remote sanitizer

Dining in the restaurant

Dining experience is the same, great service, the only difference you will notice is that you will be 6 feet apart from the next table. Other than that, food and service is always at a spectacular level. 

Make reservations when you are dining. Maui has a capacity limit in the restaurant so it is best to make reservations if you are planning on going to a popular restaurant.

Beach is crowded

When visiting most of the beaches, they are crowded with visitors. No change whatsoever, enjoy the surf and sun. Just go a little extra early to find parking and a spot on the beach. Get their early in the morning to claim your spot on the beach.

what to know when traveling to hawaii

Wailea Beach, Maui Hawaii

Daily housekeeping services may not be available at your hotel

If staying in some hotels that are not considered luxury brands. Don’t be surprised that your room will not be cleaned daily. Some hotels in Hawaii has offered to have rooms clean upon request only. 

This includes even if you are paying a higher rate at your hotel it does not guarantee that your room will be cleaned daily. We chose to stay at Four Seasons Wailea, so expect spectacular service. 

Our housekeeper was so good that even the little things we noticed. The housekeeper put sunglass wipes for our sunglasses.

Shaped our lei into hearts, nice touch.

what to know when traveling to hawaii


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