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Amazing Things To Do in Denver Colorado: Travel Itinerary, Tips, and Guide

Denver Union Station

A great feature that Denver has to offer is their public transportation. First off the fare going into
different places is very in expensive. Our travel was from Denver Union Station to Vail. We took a shuttle
bus called Bustang departing Denver Union and only paid about $30 dollars to get to Vail. While waiting
for our bus we had coffee and a few baked goods.

Transportation Train Travel Destinations Union Station Washington, DC Nominated🌞

Book a hotel in the city

We booked at a hotel at Four Seasons Denver. Here it is centered in downtown where everywhere restaurant and bars are close by. All areas are walking distance or if you don’t feel like walking, ride share is easily accessible either by Uber or Lyft. 

Hotel room

Denver Botanic Gardens

During the summer, enjoy Denver Botanic Gardens. Enjoy the manicured landscape along with nature beauty has to offer. Bring a book and lounge on the grass lawn. Take a scenic walk and checkout all the beautiful flowers and plants that blooms during the summer. The garderners do a great job in keeping this beautiful place in the city carefully manicured and maintained.

Young woman gardener working in botanic garden

Coors Field

Visiting with family? Take your family for a baseball game and bring a glove with you incase you get to catch a foul ball or a home run. The Colorado Rockies play in Coors Field and watch your favorite player in person.

Baseball! MLB Baseball Players in a Huddle!

Denver Art Museum

Want to spend a leisure day indoor then go to Denver Art Museum. You will find local artists showcasing their favorite photos and painting. You will also find antique furnitures and out of this world furnitures for display. 

A woman is joining an art exhibition

Denver Museum for Nature and Science

You can spend half a day here at this museum. Able to see Dinosaur skeletons and see a replica of nature creatures enjoying the wild. Furthermore if you are a space junky this is for you also. Visit the space odyssey where you will see the pictures of the planets and learn more in depth about the universe.

Dinosaur skeleton displayed at museum

Dining out

When in Denver, there are so many restaurants and unique dining experience to list or add. I recommend wherever you are staying at to take a walk and pop in any restaurant that best suit you. The best part of Denver, you can go to a bar and simply walk back straight to your room. 

Work During Pandemic. Young black bartender wearing medical mask standing at bar counter

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