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10 Best Parks in Nevada (Amazing National and State Parks in Nevada, USA for Your Next Adventure)

Nevada has different parks to visit. Come and explore the wonderful landscapes and views of every unique and glamorous parks. Here we list the most popular, famous and beautiful state or national parks in the State of Nevada.

Here are the best parks in Nevada:

1. Valley of Fire State Park

best parks in Nevada

Valley of Fire State Park – it is one of the most fascinating natural areas with dramatic rock formation and sweeping vistas of brilliant stone waves. 

It is located northeast of Las Vegas about forty
five minutes drive. It is very popular for its striking red Aztec sandstone outcrops, prehistoric
petroglyphs, limestones, shales, conglomerates, petrified trees and woods

Valley of Fire  State Park  is the largest first state
park in Nevada. 

It measures about 46,000 acres and was established in 1935 which to protect and preserve mystical landscapes of the region.  The  rock formations that appears to be on fire when the sun’s rays strike them is amazingly incredible.

 Visitor can hike up to outstanding viewpoints of the parks, overnight camp and stargaze. You can grill juicy burgers or have a barbeque with your friends and families on the campsite.

2. Great Basin National Park

best parks in Nevada

Great Basin National Park – is located in east-central of Nevada, near the border with the state of
Utah. It measures a massive 77, 180 acres that welcomes thousands of visitors or travelers each year.

You will experience the awesome mountain terrain, amicable streams and pristine lakes in which 
nature lover’s will be in amaze of the park that has 5,000-year-old bristlecone pine trees , the oldest living organisms on the planet.

 If you are going to visit the park, the best part of it is the Lehman Caves which you will know the history of the cave, the ecology and the geology.  

The eccentric caves were formed more than 500 million years ago. You will surely enjoy the different activities like
hiking through trails, discovering the different animal species take a photo on the awe-inspiring
landscape, camping, stargazing, mountain biking and rock climbing. 

The park is conquered by the 13,063 foot tall Wheeler Peak, Lexington Arch and Alpine Lakes Loop Trail with 2.7 mile of spectacular views.

3. Cathedral Gorge State Park

Cathedral Gorge State Park – it is a long and small canyon in the southeast of Nevada that lies along the U.S. Route 93. This stunning park gives different kinds of exciting outdoor activities with spectacular views and magnificent scenery. 

It is a home to a collection of distinctive spiky-looking ravines, grooves, colorful caves and passageway. The views of the cathedral is like spires which you can explore the astonishing terrain in an array of scenic hiking trails, eat in a shaded area and take a rest at the camping site.

Tourists or travelers can visit the dramatic landscapes and breathtaking array of kaleidoscopic colors like rich hues of red, yellow and orange.

4. Ward Charcoal Oven State Historic Park

Ward Charcoal Oven State Historic Park – it is a captivating attraction for nature lovers and history aficionados alike that sit in the Egan Mountain Range in eastern Nevada. 

This amazing park offers magnificent wilderness with six beehive shaped charcoal ovens that were used from
1876 to 1879. It became a monument first in 1960 before it became a state park in 1994. 

Aside from the ovens as the highlight of the park, they added hiking spots, places to have picnic and a camping site for the tourists or travelers to enjoy and have fun.

 The charcoal oven stands 30 feet tall and 27 feet in width with unique formation, have 20-inch thick walls and is open for visitors. The surrounding of the oven is high
desert elevation landscape that is ideal for camping adventures .  It has two large pull through spaces. 

You can also see the stunning views of Steptoe Valley when you go on a hike .  You can encounter mule deer, grouse and elk that is often be seen on the grounds and go on fishing at Willow Creek.

5. Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park

best park in nevada

Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park – is one of the most famous and beautiful state park in Nevada which
is home to awesome scenery, landscapes and nature.

Enjoy and relax  its jewel of  lake and fresh forest
surroundings. You can also see Sand Harbor, Spooner Backcountry, Cave Rock and Van Sickle on the

Visit and take a day adventure at Sand Harbor. With its  55 acres of white sand beach and crystalline water  lined with
tremendous rock formations , it offers plenty amazing things to do.   

You can go on kayaking, swimming, scuba diving, boating, waterskiing, with picnic area and a campsite.

 The precipitous Cave Rock offers a legendary views over the lake with hiking trails and mountain bike paths. 

The Spooner Backcountry has 12,000 acres of
forested open space which is good for mountain biking during summer.

6. Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park

Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park – it is an alluring park in Nevada where the center is a ghost town which 
has been preserved.

 It is located on the western side of the Shoshone mountain range. You will explore the largest collections of Ichthyosaurs fossils and it is also the home of many animals like mule deer, cottontail rabbits and western fence lizard. 

There is a camping spots and picnic areas in which tourists or travelers will enjoy the place. You can also see fossils at the Fossil House. 

There is also a self-guided tour and a mine tour where you can access the American Discovery Trails. It is an epic trail that is over 6,800 miles long and covers 500 miles in Nevada.

7. Death Valley National Park

Rock formations at Zabriskie Point, Death Valley National Park, Nevada, USA

Death Valley National Park –is also one of the best parks in Nevada to visit.   It is the home of lots of desolate but incredible badlands, cavernous canyons and mountains and  the ambiguous California-Nevada state line. 

It measures about 5,000 square miles which is considered as the largest national park in the United States and also one of the most magnificent and hottest park. 

You sill see a massive slope valleys,  a crashed spaceship in a distance, snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, wide-ranging Joshua Tree Forests, abandoned mines, conifer groves and
remarkable wilderness in North America. 

You can go on hiking, camping within the park and also you
can stargaze when the night is dark, weather permitting.

8. Fort Churchill State Historic Park

Fort Churchill State Historic Park – is a preserved area that will surely attract the eye of history enthusiasts. It was built in 1861 when the fort was desolate in merely ten years where  everything was eventually left to the outside elements. 

This beautiful state historic park protects an important part
of Nevada and the American West’s fascinating past. You can learn about the history while exploring the placid and sheltered place.

 You can do different activities like have a camp overnight in the historic park, watch the birds, picnicking, hiking and canoeing. 

Fort Churchill was used for decade before it was
abandoned and fell into collapse but the troops that were there played a significant role in protecting the
travelers or tourists and traders on the way to California.

9. Mormon Station State Historic Park

Mormon Station State Historic Park – is located in the silent, bizarre and amiable town of Genoa far west from the state and not far from Lake Tahoe and California. It  was the first permanent settlement site of non-native people and was established in 1851. 

The park appearances a replica of the trading
posts that was burnt in 1910.  The reconstructed replica gives alluring look into the area’s pioneering past.

The historic park offers wonderful landscaped lawn, superb wooden cabins, and museum that displays original artifacts. 

You can also find a picnic area and gazebo that is used for celebrations like weddings. It has some attractions like tasty
eats, unique shopping, a gorgeous setting and fun events for the year round.

10. Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park – is located among the precipice of the Spring Mountains and part
of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area which  is about 15 miles west of Las Vegas. 

It is among the best park in Nevada where a whole family can enjoy.

 It offers incredible 520 acres with tiny piece of luxury that has been working on ranch and retreats over the

You will see the amazing scenery and learn about the history of Nevada about tourists or travelers that have been pinched in the 1830s. 

When you visit the park, check out blacksmith shop, the
Sandstone Cabin, hiking trails, and shaded picnic sites which offers living history programs, guided tours and summer theater performances.

The spacious ranch house serves as an information center for guests or tourists who wants to learn more about the area.

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