Akaka Falls, Hawaii

Akaka Falls Hawaii Island Is A Tropical Oasis 2021

Akaka Falls State Park located on the Hawaii Island popularly known as the Big Island of Hawaii is a tropical oasis.  Hawaii Island is the biggest among all of  the Hawaiian Island where one of the most active volcano in the world is located, Kilauea Volcano. 

 Akaka Falls Hawaii  also boasts natural diversity from pristine beaches, lava desert,  beautiful tropical rainforest, snow covered mountains, to amazing sunsets.

Akaka Falls, big island Hawaii

Akaka Falls State Park Directions:

If you are heading to Hilo side of the Big Island, there is a quick detour with nice paved road to Akaka Falls State Park  and you will surely enjoy some fresh air and beautiful sight.  It is located in Highway 220, 3.6 miles  southwest of Honomu, end of Akaka Falls Rd.


875 Akaka Falls Road

Honomu, HI 96728

Akaka Falls state park
Akaka Falls

Akaka Falls Hawaii Main Attraction

 Akaka Falls Hawaii is an enjoyable self guided walk through lush tropical jungle to the most iconic sight free falling Akaka Falls and also overlooking the cascading Kahuna Falls.  The trailhead is located just off the parking lot which includes multiple steps. It would take you to a lush rainforest filled with beautiful tall bamboos, wild orchids and flowers, beautiful plants, draping ferns , singing birds and small nature hike.

Take your time and enjoy the scenery while having a pleasant walk through the Akaka Falls Loop Trail.  As you follow the pave footpath, you will first see the  100 ft Kahuna falls, and continue around the loop , the towering majestic Akaka Falls awaits you which plummets 442 ft. along Kolekole stream.  The views are expansive and picturesque , perfect for selfie backdrop.  

bamboo trees
walkway Akaka Falls
Akaka Falls, Hawaii

In Hawaiian language, Akaka means, “separated”, “cracked” or ” split”.   The road to get there is also easily smooth and accessible with possible view of the peak of Mauna Kea on a clear day.  This place is amazing, and the falls is very powerful so take your moment and have the sound of the water soothe your spirit and melt your stress away.  

The entire experience is magical and refreshing. The exotic foliage along the way is breathtaking and this is a good stop on your way to other attractions of the Big Island.  Akaka Falls, Hawaii Island is  truly a tropical oasis.

Akaka Falls state park
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tropical forest
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